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Cebu City is the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, this tropical paradise island is one of the most visited tourist destinations. With the many beautiful islands around Cebu makes this place popular among island hoppers to explore.

Next-door is the island of Mactan, which is connected by a bridge to the mainland of Cebu, making this a fantastic place for us gentlemen’s to relax and reflect after Angeles City

Our Gentlemen’s shall be staying for 4 nights and being pampered in luxury, at the world famous, 5 star Shangri-La Resort and Spa Hotel in Mactan island. Which is a great place for our gentlemen’s to escape, relax, and to soak up the sun. The array of dinning experience at the Shangri-la is sure to delight, wherever you are, a refreshing cocktail, cooling drink or light snack is never far away.

The Shangri-La does not disappoint when it comes to making your stay that evermore relaxing, with the many wellbeing treatments the Shangri-la has to offer at it’s dedicated Chai Spa, will make you feel brand new and ready for our Adult Fantasy Night Tour for an epic evening as we enter Cebu’s Mango Avenue and indulge into Gentlemen’s Paradise.

With us by your side we can reassure that all your needs will be catered for.

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