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Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Really Provide 24 Hour Service

Yes, we book you the best hotels that come with 24 Hours support and concierge. Gentleman’s tour guides are reachable when you need us anytime of the day or night. You may want advice, guidance or support, we will be there to make sure you’re comfortable without any worries and that you’re having a great time.

How Many Gentlemen Will Be On Tour

The Minimum attend the gentlemen’s tour is 8 and Maximum will be no more then 16.

What Is Special About Your Tours Compared To Others

We have worked in the hospitality industry 10 years + in these 10 years we have met gentlemen who have certain needs, we also have found out which activities, excursions, and the type of clubs and bars a gentleman prefers. With all the information we have gathered we have created a customised package for a true gentleman for you to have a fantastic holiday. The best thing about us is that you will have our support. We are dedicated to help you.

Does It Matter How Old I Am

Of course not. You can be any age to come on a gentlemen’s tour. The more the merrier. Most of our clientele are aged over 50 – 80.

Do You Provide Adult Companions

We are there to make you holiday perfect! We will be going to the best bars and to popular hangouts so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet new people and socialise.

Does It Matter If Am Gay, Straight Or Bisexual

We are here to help make this your best holiday. Whatever you want. We are there to make it happen for you. Gentleman Tours does not discriminate, we would happily help you with your requests.

Can I Pick My Own Excursion Tours

You will have many exciting tours and excursions to choose from, simply cherry pick your interest from the many options we have in each destinations.

Can I Bring A Friend

Gentleman Tours first priority is your comfort and happiness. So of course your friend are most welcome to come. We even offer a £250 cash-back for introducing a friend on the two bookings.

Additionally If you make a friend/companion while on holiday they will be your full responsibility, we are happy for you to take her along to activities that we do and we can organise flights and transfers at an additional cost.

I Just Want To Relax, Not Interested In The Excursion Tours Or Nightclubs

You can relax as much as you want, the hotels we are going to be checking into have loads of things to do. Everything is optional as we want you to have a good time and we more then happy to cater a special itinerary just for you.

What Clothing Shall I Pack

Pack enough clothing suitable for the duration of your Tour.

Vests, Swimming Trunks, Swimming Shorts, Shorts, Comfortable Shirts, Tshirts, Flip Flops, Sandle Shoes and just to be safe for the evenings pack a light jumper and a pair of trousers with comfortable shoes.

For the evenings you can be suave and wear smart trousers and a smart shirt, which would certainly get you attention in the bars and clubs.

I Have A Special Request

Feel free to discuss your request with us as we are always here to help and do our upmost in making your tour satisfactory, far beyond your expectations.

Are You Opening Up Any Other Destinations

100% We are very passionate about expanding Gentlemen’s Tours. Currently we are planning 3 destinations in Columbia for next year. Feel free to join our mailing list for the latest updates.

When Will I Receive My Tickets & Itinerary

Soon as you have placed your booking we will send you our Welcome Back which will contain your Itinerary, Followed by 14 days before the tour we shall send your your flight tickets and all hotel confirmations and excursions .

You can discuss your potential itinerary with our customer service team.


What Airline Will I Be Flying From

Philippines – 7 Day Tour

  • Philippines Airlines

Philippines – 12 Day Tour

  • Philippines Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific

What Airport Will I Be Departing From

Philippines – 7 Day Tour

London Heathrow – Manila International Airport

Manila International Airport – London Heathrow


Philippines – 12 Day Tour

London Heathrow – Manila International Airport

Clarkson International Airport – Cebu International

Cebu International – Manila International Airport

Manila International Airport – London Heathrow

How Long Are The Flights

Philippines – 7 Day Tour

London Heathrow – Manila International Airport – 13hr 25min

Manila International Airport – London Heathrow – 13hr 25min


Philippines – 12 Day Tour

London Heathrow – Manila International Airport – 13hr 25min

Clarkson International Airport – Cebu International –  1hr 25min

Cebu International – Manila International Airport – 1hr 25min

Manila International Airport – London Heathrow – 14hr 35min

Can I Pick My Seats

Yes we would make sure we provide you with the seats you requests. We are keen to make the journey easy as possible and your comfort is our priority.

Are My Flights ATOL Protected

All flights are ATOL protected via our travel partners under your name.


What Currency Do I Need

This depends on the country you are visiting. For example, if your coming with us to the Philippines, the currency you would need is Philippine Peso.

What Can I Change My Currency

You can change your money at your preferred currency exchange company or feel free to let us know as we work closely with our currency exchange partners in order to get you the best rates.


What Is The Weather Like

Philippines Weather
There are two seasons in the Philippines, the wet season and the dry season, based upon the amount of rainfall. The seven warmest months of the year are from March to October. The winter monsoon brings cooler air from November to February. May is the warmest month, and January, the coolest.


How Can I Pay

You can pay via Debit/Credit Card through our website or you can make a payment via telephone.

Payment Confirmation

You will receive an email confirming you have made your payment. This shall be in your welcome pack when you have place your booking with us, please allow up to 24 hours.

What Is The Cost Of The Deposit

a minimum of 50% of your tour package is needed to secure your place. We suggest you book as soon as possible as there are a maximum of 16 spaces on each tour.

When Is My Balance Payment Due

Payment must be paid in full 21 days before the departure date. If you have paid your deposit and there is a reason why you cannot pay the full balance please get in touch.

Is There Any Additional Cost

What we state in our package is what you have paid for. Any extra costs we will try our best to get you a discounted rate.


Do I Need A Visa

If you are a British or US Citizen, you will not need a VISA to visit the Philippines. For all other nationalities please visit the countries official immigration website for more details.


Do I Need Any Vaccinations When Travelling

Please enquire with your doctor or visit the UK Travel advice website.

I Have A Medical Condition

Tell us what your needs are and we will support you. Any medications you are travelling with please carry your prescription slip from your doctor with the medications.

What If I am Unwell On Tour

If you are feeling unwell on the tour someone will be there to check up on you. Or if you need to go into hospital someone from the team will assist you. We will be there for you no matter what.

Travel Insurance

It’s always good to have travel insurance for those unforeseen circumstances. If your require travel insurance do let us know as we are happy to help you compare the best for you.

Am I Protected with Gentlemen's Tours

We ensure that all flights are ATOL protected. We take the upmost in protecting our gentlemen’s for our tours and any unforeseen circumstances while travelling with us you can be rest assured we are there to put you first. Otherwise, we would not be Gentlemens.


If I want To Cancel My Tour

If you wish to cancel your tour with us, to get a full refund, you must cancel 21 days before the tour date.

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